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Media Magic Online

Your audiences grew up with TV imagery. Now they’re dining on images from the web that could come from traditional media or many other sources.

You grew too. Along the way, you discovered that communication within your organization, and externally to clients, the media and others was mission critical. So now you want to improve your performance and hone your message.

Media Magic improves the way you communicate with coaching and training programs designed to make you a better communicator.

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Our Services

Communications Coaching

Note: All programs help you absorb through mock situations, practice, and visual activities. Once you and I determine what you require, elements of all three programs are used to help you become a better communicator.

Media Coaching

Media coaching is offered in one-day, two day and short programs for large and small groups. The emphasis is on messaging, delivery and learning through practical and mock situations.

Theory is absorbed through situations, discussion, and by video example.

Charisma in Ten Seconds or Less

You may not be an Obama, Winfrey, McKenna or a Churchill; but you will understand what Charisma is. And it isn’t what most people think it is.

Charisma is a behavioral pattern that you can learn and use in your day-to-day communications.

Whether you’re making a presentation, a corporate video for your site, or conducting a media interview, you'll be seen as stronger, more persuasive, and more interesting after you allow us to work with you.

Participants learn:

  • How to make an instant cultural connection to large groups one-on-one
  • Techniques to gain buy-in from clients and others
  • About yourself by watching your performance with immediate one-on-one coaching

Drive-By Perception

Perception is like a drive-by shooting. It's fast, can leave you full of holes, and you didn't see it coming. Similar to the results of a drive-by shooting, perception can be permanent.

This program is about how we are perceived and how we change it. Where are the roots of perception in the minds of your audience, your clients and your staff?

Communications Audits

Communications shouldn’t be a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ experience. You need a plan and resources attached to it. You need to understand your personal and corporate brand to do this well. Communications audits identify activities to raise profile and understanding both internally and externally. Audits let you logically plan, budget and execute communications and marketing activities as part of your business practices. The objective is to develop a working plan. Media Magic will also assist with execution to the extent required.

Think Think Think

Our specialty is selling the meaning of your business to your staff, your clients and to the public. We design effective campaigns that mix new media with old to influence these audiences. It takes facilitation, research and work. The heavy lifting always involves finding out who you are as an organization. Good campaigns are designed specifically for your organization. Good campaigns also match the financial and human resources you have available with your brand and your target audience.